Исполнитель: Leon Russel (English)
Пользователь: Richard Taliaferro
Длительность: 130 секунд
Начальная пауза: 12 секунд
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This is the George Benson version of this song ,he made is popular, i believe it was actually written by Leon Russel and there is one more verse that I'll try to include later.,
Also I'm not sure the Am to Am-7 to Am7 is the correct a ussage of the actual chords names used in this song, to put it in layman's terms I'd just say: at the start of that verse make a regular Am chord the rundown down the G string former the Am position 1 fret at each change before going to the D9th chord, the D9 sounds best if played on the 5th fret position rather than trying the lower or open position.
This is my first contribution to this site, I REALLY enjoy this app and will definitely be assisting as much as I have time for as well as making the .99 cent contribution if I can figure out how that's works without providing a CC.


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Richard Taliaferro,
13 августа 2017 г., 11:38


Am            Am+7           Am7             D9
Are we really happy with this lonely game we play,
              F7        E7
AmLooking for  words to say?  Bm7-5       E7 
AM                 Am+7             AM7       D9
Searching but not finding understanding any way
       F7            E7
We're lost in this masquerAmade

Gm7Both afraid to C7say we're just too FM7far away, Dm7 
From bGm7eing close tC7ogether from the FM7start
We F#m7tried to talk it B7over, but the E6words got in the E6way,
We're lDost inB7side this lE7onely Bm7-5game we pE7lay.
Repeat bridge:
Am                     Am-7               Am7         D9  
Thoughts of leaving disappear every time I see your eyes,
    Am          F7     E7             
No matter how hard I try      
Am                  Am+7               Am7       D9
To understand the reason that we carry on this way,
       F7            E7
We're lF7ost in this masquerAmade.