Me and God

Исполнитель: Josh Turner (English)
Пользователь: Nicholas Colegrove
Длительность: 130 секунд
Начальная пауза: 12 секунд
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(C)There ain't nothing that can't be done by me and God
(F)Ain't nobody come in between (C)me and God
One (G)day we'll live together where the (F)angels trod
Me and (C)God

(C)Early in the morning talking it over, me and God
(F)Late at night talking it over, (C)me and God
(G)You could say we're like two (F)peas in a pod
Me and (C)God

(C)He's my (F)Fath(G)er, He's my (C)friend
The (Am)beginn(F)ing and the (G)end
He (F)rules the (G)world with a (C)staff and (Am)rod
We're a (F)team, (G)me and (C)God

I am weak and He is strong, me and God
He forgives me when I'm wrong, me and God
He's the one I lean on when life gets hard
Me and God

He rules the world with a staff and rod
We're a team, me and God


29 июля 2021 г., 20:35
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(C)There ain't nothing that can't be done by me and God
(F)Ain't nobody come in between (C)me and God
One (G)day we'll live together where the (F)angels trod
Me and (C)God

(C)Early in the morning talking it over, me and God
(F)Late at night talking it over, (C)me and God
(G)You could say we're like two (F)peas in a pod
Me and (C)God

(C)He's my (F)Fath(G)er, He's my (C)friend
The (Am)beginn(F)ing and the (G)end
He (F)rules the (G)world with a (C)staff and (Am)rod
We're a (F)team, (G)me and (C)God

I am weak and He is strong, me and God
He forgives me when I'm wrong, me and God
He's the one I lean on when life gets hard
Me and God

He rules the world with a staff and rod
We're a team, me and God